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The Final Word is a radio show from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego that plays in Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Be sure to visit: jim-andrews.org (Interested in purchasing Polishing God's Monuments Hard copy, email jima@lakebiblechurch.com or call 503-699-9840 ext: 202)


Jim Andrews, Senior Pastor – Lake Bible Church Email: jima@lakebiblechurch.com Church Phone: 503-699-9840 (Ext: 202) Mobile: 503-320-1012


If you are interested in partnering up with us, drop me an email: jima@lakebiblechurch.com

Broadcast Schedule

The Final Word can be heard weekdays on the following stations:

Portland, Oregon
KPDQ FM 93.9 at 7:00PM
KPDQ AM 800 at 9am and 5:30PM

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WORD FM 101.5 at 9:30PM
WPIT AM 730 at 6:00AM

The Finalword Blog

Introduction to Proverbs

The Proverbs are all about wisdom in living. We must live in this messed up world and until we pass away, we can elect to live wisely or foolishly, to make our path easier or harder, to honor God or dishonor Him. The Proverbs tell us the way life works at the practical level and [...]


Introduction to the Beatitudes

The Beatitudes of our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount have been misunderstood by some. Actually they fit under the heading of what today might be called “profiling.” Jesus is “profiling” the manners and morals of those who are truly His disciples (and therefore “blessed”) as opposed to those like the scribes and Pharisees [...]


Introduction to II and III John

The brief epistles of 2 and 3 John were composed by the apostle probably around 85-95 A.D when John was living and ministering in Ephesus.  2 John was ambiguously addressed “to the lady chosen of God and to her children” and 3 John to a beloved church leader named Gaius in some church in the general [...]


to purchase a hard copy of the book, email: jima@lakebiblechurch.com or go to: jim-andrews.org