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2 John 11-13 (April 23, 2019)

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Second Epistle of John

4/18/2019 - 4/23/2019

The brief epistle of 2 John was composed by the apostle probably around 85-95 A.D when John was living and ministering in Ephesus.  2 John was ambiguously addressed “to the lady chosen of God and to her children.”  Though a very short document, in the lines and between them there is ample food for modern thought […]

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First Epistle of John

3/5/2019 - 4/17/2019

1 John was written to lst century believers in Asia Minor to guard themselves against a pernicious heresy that today we know as incipient or pre-gnosticism, a cluster of teachings that took sin lightly, believed in salvation by ‘enlightenment’ via secret rites, and was socially elitist, etc.  To expose them and to give believers some […]

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Epistle to Titus

2/14/2019 - 3/4/2019

The Apostle Paul’s short epistle to his missionary companion, Titus, has much to teach us yet today.  Titus had been left behind on the island of Crete to put in order things left unfinished and to appoint elders for all the churches there after the island had been evangelized by Paul.  False teachers were already upsetting whole […]

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Broadcast Schedule

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