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Romans 1:14-16 (January 23, 2017)

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Introduction to Romans

A classics professor of mine in graduate school once declared to us that if he was on a lonely island and could have only one book in his possession, it would be the Odes and Epodes of Horace, the famed Latin poet. For myself, were there only one book of the Bible I could have […]


Introduction to II Peter

As he faces his imminent exit (according to Jesus’s earlier word to him) Peter writes this second epistle to us as a grand reminder of well known truths that, if heeded, will keep us growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, will render us neither useless or unfruitful in His service […]


Introduction to I Peter

Most real Christians, as opposed to the nominal or cultural variety, seem today to have a growing sense of ‘climate change’ in the Western world and most especially in America. The hatred of the wicked for Christians is oozing out of the cracks. Persecution has by no means (as of this writing) hit full stride. […]


Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

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