A Daily Bible Teaching Program from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

The Final Word can be heard weekdays on the following radio stations:

Portland, Oregon
93.9 KPDQ FM at 7 pm & 11:30 pm
TrueTalk 800 AM at 9 am and 5:30 pm

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
101.5 WORD-FM at 9:30 pm
73WPIT-AM at 6 am

Missed a broadcast or live outside of those areas? All episodes are available free of charge in iTunes or using RSS.

The Final Word Blog

Introduction to Exodus

Exodus, authored by Moses, the great Lawgiver of Israel, relates the great deliverance of the Hebrews from their 400 year bondage in Egypt. Their enslavement in Egypt (as well as their eventual redemption by God’s hand) God foretold to Abraham (in Genesis). After their deliverance under Moses, the Lord made a covenant with Israel to […]


Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

The author of the Gospel of Luke, who also wrote the book of Acts, was probably a Gentile, a physician and frequent companion of Paul on his missionary journeys. Though the date of writing is not certain, internal evidence suggests he penned it sometime before 64 AD—about 3 decades after the death and resurrection of […]


Introduction to II Timothy

I and II Timothy are known as the pastoral epistles (of the Apostle Paul) because they were written to his protégé, Timothy, who was leading the church at Ephesus. Even at that early time, as in ours, there were always issues that needed to be addressed, persons who needed to be admonished, pastoral practices that […]



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