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Introduction to II Samuel

The major theme of 1 Samuel carries forward into all the historical  books and is in fact a major theme of all the Scriptures:  God honors those who honor Him and He dishonors those who dishonor Him.  Not because He is obliged to act that way, but because He delights to be gracious to those who trust in Him and walk in His ways.  Moreover God always holds people accountable who disregard Him and trash His will.  And we see these principles, and others, exemplified repeatedly in 2 Samuel in the account of the reign of King David.  As the Apostle Paul teaches us in Romans 15 and 1 Corinthians 10, all these things were written for our instruction in our own generation and to stimulate our perseverance in the faith.   That is why we should never neglect these OT narratives.  They are good for the soul.

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Broadcast Schedule

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Introduction to Psalms

The Psalms comprise perhaps the most generally beloved literature in all of God’s word.  The reason for that is not a puzzle.  The psalms, many penned by King David, are so personal and addressed to God “out of the pits” where, at one time or another (or better yet many times) all of us believers […]


Introduction to Acts

Penned by Luke, the author of the third gospel, which recounts the beginning of the ministry of our Lord Jesus, the book of Acts is the sequel, narrating the continuation of His ministry through His chosen apostles.  It describes the birth of the church and the fulfillment of the OT promise of the outpouring of the […]


Introduction to “Following Jesus”

Following Jesus is our conviction, our passion and our vision. That is what we are all about. But sometimes it helps a lot to flesh that out a bit, because following Jesus, which is the reflex of an honest-to-God faith, is really a pretty radical thing. In this short series of four messages, Pastor Jim […]



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