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Introduction to Acts

Penned by Luke, the author of the third gospel, which recounts the beginning of the ministry of our Lord Jesus, the book of Acts is the sequel, narrating the continuation of His ministry through His chosen apostles.  It describes the birth of the church and the fulfillment of the OT promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the effects thereof.  Though not all that we see in Acts in normative (or standard) Christian experience, it does provide a great framework of early Christian faith and practice as a sort of plumb line for measuring the soundness or unsoundness of contemporary Christian faith and practice.  We should read it with care.

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

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Introduction to Haggai

The core message of the prophet Haggai is that God is a holy God who expects His people to treat Him as such. That starts with putting first things first in the Lord’s scale of priorities. God will honor those who honor Him and will treat as unholy those who don’t. The historical situation of […]


Introduction to Prayer

Prayer is an essential spiritual discipline, as vital to our spiritual health and Christian endeavors, as proper nutrition is to the physical body. Without it sooner or later the spiritual health breaks down. Prayerlessness is powerlessness. Now prayer is not some kind of magic, as though a power in itself. Prayer is only powerful when […]


Introduction to Marriage Without Regret

People are always saying, “Marriage is hard!” That statement has always baffled me. I have been married now for better than 50 years. Yes, there have been some angry words at times, some bad days, some testing times. Sure. But nothing that would ever cause me or my wife to say, “Marriage is hard!” Give […]



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