Introduction to II and III John

The brief epistles of 2 and 3 John were composed by the apostle probably around 85-95 A.D when John was living and ministering in Ephesus.  2 John was ambiguously addressed “to the lady chosen of God and to her children” and 3 John to a beloved church leader named Gaius in some church in the general area.

Though very short documents, in the lines and between them there is ample food for modern thought and digestion.

In 2 John, as in his first epistle, we are reminded again and again that ideas matter and that a walk with God is spiritually definitive.  If we don’t stand in the truth and walk after it, as the old saying goes, we are just bags of gas in a cheap suit.

3 John is a good reminder that walking in faithfulness is the arch value in the Christian life as well as a sober reminder that in every age there will always be those in our midst who are all about power and influence.  Someone once said that all church fights come down to that, bad characters seeking to gain or retain power.  There is a lot of truth to that and in 3 John we see this reality on display.

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