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  1. Dear Pastor Andrews
    This verse states that the false teachers would “deny the Master who bought them.” In what sense did Christ buy the false teachers?

  2. Hi Ken,

    Thank you so much for listening to The Final Word! We love hearing from our listeners.

    Pastor Jim apologizes for the length of time it took to respond to your inquiry. Somehow, your e-mail slipped his mind.

    Here is his reply:

    “If I understand Ken’s question, it is (my words) that the wording might suggest that the Lord ‘owns’ false teachers as His disciples. Is this true?

    My understanding of that verse is that when the author says such teachers deny the Lord who bought them, he does not mean to say that apostates have come ‘under the blood’ so that despite their perfidy, they belong to Him, but is saying that they by their false teaching deny the very One who (provisionally) died for them.

    In other words, His blood was shed for the redemption of us all who put our trust in Him, but they foolishly and fatally rejected that provision in denying Him by their teaching.”

    Hope this helps!

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