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Welcome to The Final Word from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Pastor Jim typically teaches through the books of the Bible in a verse-by-verse expositional style, though you will also find several topical series he’s recorded to address certain broader biblical issues.

In addition, you may choose to study a Subject (a new feature to our website) that Jim has addressed in various programs throughout his teaching in the Scriptures. Pastor Jim’s preaching philosophy is to “cause the truth of God to intersect with the issues of life in such a way that the two collide violently in the consciousness.” He sees the preacher’s job as “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”

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The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
"Fear is the enemy of faith and signals a deficiency in our faith, if not the absence of it. It is in these situations where the Enemy (Satan, who is our Pharaoh) tries to intimidate us with the loss of something precious to us that temptation and testing meet at the same intersection. What the Enemy intends as intimidation, God means for the examination, instruction, stimulation and invigoration of our faith as we fall back on His promises and resist the Devil as he marches upon us.

Right here we have a choice: give in to fear and fall into Satan’s trap, or fall back on faith and wait on the Lord’s deliverance. There will be hard choices, but what we want to avoid are bad choices, for a day in the grip of the Devil is the day out of the pit of Hell."

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Exodus 14-1-4

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/exodus-141-4/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
"The Holy Spirit performs His office work---direction, protection, and illumination---by 3 means: through providential control of circumstances, through sanctified intuition, and through the directions and illumination of His Word. The Word is the governing instrument of the Spirit in His ‘pillar’ function in our lives. And it is through the Word that the Spirit calibrates our intuitions to His wavelength, as it were.

Do not miss this vital and integral connection between the Word and the Spirit. They are bound up with one another like hand and glove. The Holy Spirit is the author of His Word, is present in His (living) Word, works creatively through His Word to create what He commands, to produce what He prescribes, and to imprint what He instructs. Caveat: Never confuse the safety of God’s direction with the absence of adversity. Just because His direction is fail-safe does not mean it is pain-proof."

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Exodus 13:20-22.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/exodus-1320-22/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“So that we can get our expectations properly calibrated to God’s ways, let's note several hallmarks of God's leading embedded in this brief passage. If we take note of these and remember them, that memory will spare us disappointment with God and will fortify our faith in many confusing circumstances.

First, we should always expect the unexpected when the Lord leads. The quickest and the normal route of travel in those days, the shortest distance between two points, would have been the regular military and caravan route running from the Delta region almost due north along the Mediterranean Coast through what was later territory occupied by the Philistines, some of whom were already settled there. But the Lord rejected that route in favor of a more east/south easterly direction. This reminds us that if we always have this expectation that the Lord’s way is the natural way, or the easiest way, or the way that makes perfect sense to us, we are bound to hit some walls of unnecessary disappointment or disillusionment.”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Exodus 13:18-19.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/exodus-1318-19/ to listen.


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