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Welcome to The Final Word from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Pastor Jim typically teaches through the books of the Bible in a verse-by-verse expositional style, though you will also find several topical series he’s recorded to address certain broader biblical issues.

In addition, you may choose to study a Subject (a new feature to our website) that Jim has addressed in various programs throughout his teaching in the Scriptures. Pastor Jim’s preaching philosophy is to “cause the truth of God to intersect with the issues of life in such a way that the two collide violently in the consciousness.” He sees the preacher’s job as “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”

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The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“If Jesus and His humanity was so careful and intent in seeking the will of His father in the matter of choosing His original disciples, I don’t know about you, but it makes me, by comparison, seem way too casual in making significant decisions about my life.

There are all kinds of issues that we need to seek God’s will about: Whom we will marry, what we should do with our lives, where we should live or go to school.

All of this, the Lord Jesus, in selecting His disciples, intended to be a model for us in our decision making. When we have significant life decisions to make, we need to take a cue from our Lord and invest a lot more time and energy in prayer for God’s guidance.”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Luke 6:12-19.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/luke-612-19/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“Let us beware of biases that blind us to the Word of God. In Jesus' day, the Jewish establishment was amply religious. However, there’s a way to be religious and yet be ignorant of God, and thus of the truth. They came to the point where their views of God and religious practices were shaped way too much by spiritual pride and their own traditions.

They drifted away from revelation and lacked ears for the Word of God, even though they were chosen by Him to be the custodians of it. We should always beware of becoming acculturated to contemporary culture to the point that our biases blind us to the truth of God’s Word.”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Luke 6:1-11.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/luke-61-11/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
Study Guide 2 for the Gospel of Luke
This will be posted to accompany Program #7, 30 & 31 and later ones in which Pastor Jim makes applications from Luke to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are introducing a new outreach to Catholic visitors to our TFW Facebook page. After a quick discussion of Pastor Jim’s teaching (listen to the program for a fuller understanding), we will be announcing our special offer to Catholic visitors.

Here is a link to an excellent article on bereanbeacon.org and a short excerpt:
Matthew Cserhati Introductory Questions

“What is truth? And how can we ascertain what the truth is? According to the Protestant churches, the sole highest authority in determining truth is the Scripture alone. As opposed to this, the Roman Catholic Church claims that besides Scripture, her oral tradition also has authority:

“As a result the Church, to whom the transmission and interpretation of Revelation is entrusted, ‘does not derive her certainty about all revealed truths from the holy Scriptures alone. Both Scripture and Tradition must be accepted and honored with equal sentiments of devotion and reverence.’”[1]

This is a bold claim. Many of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings, such as Mary’s eternal virginity, the papacy, and the doctrine of Purgatory, are defended by her oral tradition. Without tradition, these teachings of the Roman Catholic church would have no support whatsoever.”


If you are a Catholic visitor to our Facebook page, we would like to offer you some free information about the true way of salvation. This is a pilot program, and you must reply by email and provide the following information:

Please indicate what type of information you’d like to receive. We are primarily using former-priest Richard Bennett’s resources from his website. We will send a sample of one of these to you free of charge.

Would you like to read a tract or a book?

Would you like to read testimonies of former priests or former lay Catholics?

Please send the request (and answer the above questions) to info@thefinalwordradio.com. Provide your street address (no PO Boxes), and allow 4 weeks for delivery. This is a limited time and limited resource offer.

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