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Welcome to The Final Word from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Pastor Jim typically teaches through the books of the Bible in a verse-by-verse expositional style, though you will also find several topical series he’s recorded to address certain broader biblical issues.

In addition, you may choose to study a Subject (a new feature to our website) that Jim has addressed in various programs throughout his teaching in the Scriptures. Pastor Jim’s preaching philosophy is to “cause the truth of God to intersect with the issues of life in such a way that the two collide violently in the consciousness.” He sees the preacher’s job as “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”

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The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“In this passage we see that Jesus calls every person on the face of this planet to repent. Repentance is the first motion of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Why do we repent? We repent because at last we believe in God.

This means that we believe in what He was revealed about Himself and what He has said about us… that we are broken and polluted (Romans 3:23) and we repent because He has revealed to us the options for our future: eternal life in Christ, or everlasting condemnation for our sin. But with the help of this parable, the Lord presents a window of opportunity to avert disaster and for people to avail themselves of God’s pardoning grace.”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Luke 13:1-9.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/luke-131-9/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“Jesus disciples’ misconceptions remind each of us of our own susceptibility to them. The best defense against error is maintaining our spiritual disciplines.

One reason we need to constantly saturate our minds with the scriptures is this: It is way too easy otherwise for us to develop false misleading notions about the way things are, should be or will be. These errors and those who teach them can lead us astray.”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Luke 12:49-59.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/luke-1249-59/ to listen.
The Final Word Radio
The Final Word Radio
“My friends, Jesus Christ came into the world to set those who trust in Him free from the curse of sin imposed upon the human race in Gen. 3. Not only does He set us free from its penalty, death, but also from its enslaving power… the inability to do what is right in God’s eyes, to please Him, or to break free from the dominion of Satan and the undertow of fleshly passions (Romans 6:6-22; 8:1-12).

That will only happen, however, for those who are born again, that is, for those who have trusted in Christ’s self sacrifice on the cross, which atones for all the sins of those who have repented and humbled themselves before God. We’re saved by God’s grace by faith alone, in Christ alone, not through any merit of our own, lest any man should boast (Eph. 2:8-9).”

---Pastor Jim Andrews from his teaching on Luke 12:41-48.

Click https://www.thefinalwordradio.com/sermons/luke-1241-48/ to listen.


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