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If Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians highlights the glory of the Church, the body of Christ, his Epistle to the Colossians underscores the supremacy of Christ, the head of the Church. These two epistles accentuate many of the same themes, both theological and practical, so that they complement one another and help us interpret each other in certain places. In our day, a time when the magnitude of Christ is lost on many, even in our churches, the overarching message about His deity and supremacy in all things is something of a lost chord that needs to be rediscovered. The practical applications growing out of its theological principles and perspectives as foundations are timeless and priceless. Careful attention to them and earnest application of them would go far in restoring moral credibility to our Christian community. Unfortunately we Americans have worked so hard at getting the world into our churches that now we can’t get the world out of them. Unless of course we renounce our ‘success’ games and get back to a radical and distinctively Christian lifestyle that makes the goats too uncomfortable to hang out in the sheep pens.

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