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Do Not Be Carried Away

​In church history, our day is not unique in terms of the ever-present peril of false teachers and false teachings. However in this digital age with 1001 sources of information or disinformation, believers are more easily than ever exposed to heresy parading under the banner of “Christian ministry.” Combine that accessibility with massive biblical illiteracy in our churches, and our defenses against these interlopers are weak. It is no wonder that deceivers with their sensationalist and narcissistic appeals are picking off right and left the unstable and untaught (see 2 Peter 3:16-17).

Among these angels of darkness cleverly passing themselves off as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-14) are these Word of Faith teachers, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) charlatans with their prophetic and miracles claims (see Matthew 7:15-22 for the type), these devilish prosperity preachers, and these promoters of dangerous contemplative prayer retreats.

This short series is designed to remind you that such invasiveness is an anticipated biblical phenomenon, so that the alert are not sucked in unawares. Also, we put our finger on one problem that makes some people vulnerable to some of these false teachers who lure them into their web by promising them “more of the Spirit.” We show that in Christ, God’s grace is totally sufficient for our salvation and sustenance, so that the desire for more of what God has already given us is an insult to His provisions. Thirdly, we offer biblical guidance on how to improve our power of discernment, so that we have better filters. Finally, we provide analysis and videos to expose the heretical teachers and their doctrine.

Additional Resources

A list of select articles and videos for further research.

Heresy in the Modern Church


Word of Faith Teachers: Origins & Errors of their Teaching

documentary from Reformed Apologetics Ministries. This is excellent! It’s also very detailed and long (three hours).

Exposing Joyce Meyer’s False Teaching-Identity Theft

video exposing the false teachings of Joyce Meyer by Chris Rosebrough.

The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word-Faith Movement

Justin Peters presentation at Strange Fire 2013 discussing the health and wealth or prosperity gospel.

Justin Peters Programs

This video with guest and Brannon Howse is available only by signing up (a one month minimum membership is $8.99) at www.worldviewweekend.com/today. We suggest signing up by paying before trying to access the direct link for the video.

A second excellent video resource with Justin Peters with guest, Costi Hinn, on the Justin Peters radio program also requires paid access.

Beth Moore Calls for Unity With False Teacher Joyce Meyer

The full one-hour program is excellent, but requires the membership at www.worldviewweekend.com/today mentioned above. The half hour video is available on YouTube.

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