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The Book of Revelation is a favorite Bible study for all those who look forward to our Lord’s return and the events surrounding it on all sides. Because of its literary genre (apocalyptic – rich in symbolism, some of it internally interpreted, much not) the book contains some mystery and tons of fascination for students of biblical prophecy and lots of room for interpretive controversy. Way too many self-styled prophecy experts with their end-time charts speak with vastly more confidence about such things than they really know. You should know that. Any interpreter must approach this book with some humility, for it is, by its very literary nature, not all so simple to interpret as some would have you think.

This much I do know however: the big point of the book of Revelation is this, that in the end we (God’s people) win, we win big and in the interim we have God’s help. So soldier on, keep the faith, fight the good fight, and after the battle, rule and reign with Christ forever. Unlike what you may have heard, there really is no click-click-click ‘calendar’ of future events in Revelation, though there is much information about the future. This is not a book for Christian ‘crystal ball gazers.’ This is a book for suffering saints persevering in a mean world that is not at all user-friendly for the saints. Everything about it says you may be sideswiped, get your fenders dented, yes, even lose your life, but in the end it will be worth it all. How one interprets this or that vision or the timing of this or that event maybe debatable, but the overall message, I think, is not.

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