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Christian Giving

As Christians, what is our motivation to make money? It should never be the personal profit motive of American capitalism, nor that of the damnable Health & Wealth heresy of the so-called “Christian” TV networks such as TBN & Daystar, but one born out of love for God and His people. (See also DOCTRINAL ERRORS—Word of Faith Heresy)

It is an impulse rooted in the understanding that God has vested His people with talents and treasures to be invested in the concentric circles of responsibility to the needs of our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and evangelism to the lost. It is also born of the perspective that everything we’ve been given is a gift from our Heavenly Father that is to be voluntarily relinquished in a spirit of generosity as He prompts us through the Spirit working through His Word.

Sermons in Christian Giving