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14 February 2019 - 4 March 2019

The Apostle Paul’s short epistle to his missionary companion, Titus, has much to teach us yet today. Titus had been left behind on the island of Crete to put in order things left unfinished and to appoint elders for all the churches there after the island had been evangelized by Paul. False teachers were already upsetting whole families and the low estate of Cretan character was another problem. As in 1 Timothy, Paul gives Titus timeless directions about the kind of church leaders needed there (or anywhere). Also, he schools Titus on the Christian lifestyle he needs to cultivate in the churches to adorn the gospel of Christ and to give enemies no handy excuse to disparage the church or our message. This concern is one that we would do well to take heed today where so much sin continues to scandalize churches.

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Sermons in Titus