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26 June 2018 - 3 July 2018

Habukkuk is like Job in the sense of a perplexity. How could a holy God allow injustice and lawlessness to run rampant without doing anything—a question we all have from time to time. When the Lord revealed to him that judgment was en route through the Chaldeans (Babylonians), the prophet’s reaction shifts to another ground: This was a case, it seems, of the worse punishing the bad. The cure is worse than the disease. The Chaldeans were more wicked than Judah. The Lord then reveals to Habakkuk his puzzle is beside the point. Really there are only two classes of people. The proud whose souls with their evil lusts displease God (and who will be judged) and the righteous who walk with Him in faith and who will saved on the basis of faith. It doesn’t matter whom God uses to judge whom, but Habakkuk can rest easy knowing that the Chaldeans will not get a free pass. The conclusion of the book is Habakkuk’s prayer for the Lord in the midst of severity to remember mercy, a psalm of praise for His historic care for His people in majestic manifestations of His power, and a firm resolution to trust in God and His character in good times and in bad. What a timely message for our day!

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