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9 April 2021 - 9 July 2021

The New Testament is replete with quotes from the prophet Isaiah. The book thunders with warnings to the godless and resounds with chords of hope for the faithful. If the preacher’s job is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable, then Isaiah is the perfect model. Its contents are also a great example of prophecy as forth-telling the Word of God for the present as well as foretelling what God is going to do in the future. So stirring and engaging is Isaiah’s vision of God as the Holy One of Israel, the sovereign Lord of hosts, who works His will and will not be thwarted in performing His plan and One who will be glorified in His justice as well as in His grace! One might say that Isaiah is the Romans of the Old Testament, the cornerstone of the Hebrew Scriptures and Old Testament theology, yet in its contents so timelessly relevant to our day.

Sermons: 66


Sermons in Isaiah