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1 Timothy

16 December 2020 - 25 January 2021

1 Timothy was addressed by the Apostle Paul to his beloved protégé and acting pastor in the church at Ephesus several years after the events of Acts 28 when Paul went to Rome for his appeal to Caesar. It is one of what we call the pastoral epistles and written to encourage Timothy to keep the faith and maintain a good conscience in his struggles, and especially to give him pastoral guidance in combating false teachers and teachings circulating at that time as well as generally to instruct Timothy about how people ought to conduct themselves in the family of God. This letter is not exactly a pastoral manual in a formal sense, but it has that flavor. Its content is still very pertinent for pastoral and church life today, where in principle many of the same issues reoccur and we can benefit from the same wisdom, if we will.

Sermons: 28

I Timothy

Sermons in 1 Timothy