Gospel Miracles - John 9:8-29, Part II

Speaker: Jim Andrews


  1. Len Yates

    Where it not so tragic, this narrative would be a comedy
    “Would that they were blind” these obes Shepherds, these “brood of vipers,”Matt. 23:33, and,”with force and harshness you have ruled them”,and”I will rescue my sheep from their mouths, see “Ezek. 34 God’s blessing is upon the”sent” ones Rom.10:15 Beautiful indeed are those the Lord calls to bear witness to the Light of the world. They are the” Radiant” ones. Thank you Dr Andrews. Thank you to the many unnamed who tirelessly stand with you, encouraging you,supporting you,assisting you in your laborious task: the “useful “

    • The Final Word

      God bless you for your support and encouragement!


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