Luke 9:1-4

1 May 2020

Series: Luke, New Testament

Luke 9:1-4
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  1. Rachel Brewster

    So is it OK to fight against abortion or do we just stop at prayer?

    • Paul Grose

      Rachel, you raise an important question. Here’s what Pastor Jim wrote in his book, Dispatches from the Front Lines (p. 269):
      “Am I saying that we should ignore the evil of abortion? No way! I am merely arguing that pouring most of our energy and resources into a political campaign, such as antiabortion legislation, is a very myopic and irrelevant strategy—if it is not combined with an even more aggressive effort in evangelism.
      The first business of the Church is to save sinners; it does little good to save babies if we are going to rest on our political success and let them go to Hell.”

      Thank you!


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