Titus 1:2-5

15 February 2019

Series: New Testament, Titus

Titus 1:2-5
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  1. Leroy Gressly

    I really love this program! I begin listening on a regular basis about two weeks ago with the epistle of I Tim. I am now caught up and ready to get the third session on Titus on Monday, Feb. 18th. Good solid complete accurate expository preaching, verse by verse, is so difficult to find today. Thank you for putting all the broadcasts on your web site. By the grace of God and according to His will and purpose for my life at this point, I am 76, I plan to listen to all the material that you have placed on your web site. Again I thank you and my God bless your ministry. Blessing and prayers, Leroy (Bill) Gressly

    • The Final Word

      Thank you so much for letting us know! This is such an encouragement to us! God bless you!


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