Pastor Jim states in today’s program that “lack of hospitality was just a surface symptom of the deep vices of the cities of the plain. Sodom, as the lead city, was the queen of corruption. Homosexuality was all the rage in Sodom, and the men there all over the city, when news got around about the 2 strangers in town, saw an opportunity to vent their carnal lust on them.”

Recently, apostate churches such as the Roman Catholic Church, and false “Christian” cults such as Mormonism, Hillsong United Church and Bethel Church have caved in to the culture by accepting homosexuality as normal. This again proves what was already evident from their false doctrine—that they were never true Christians in the first place.

Here are some resources for those you may know who are caught in these false systems to help you demonstrate their overthrowing of God’s Word in favor of the modern culture.




Hillsong Affirms Their Pro-LGBT Stance In Statement Released Yesterday