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Review from previous program:

The Hebrew word Adam means “man” or “mankind” (generically). It was also the “proper name” we call the first male human, Adam. He named his wife Eve.

God tested Adam and Eve by putting two trees in the middle of the garden: the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to test whether they would obey God’s command and enjoy fullness of life with Him or they would taste of the forbidden tree to experience God-like wisdom—independently of Him.

New content for today’s program:

The Hebrew word “ish” means man. Adam named his wife “woman” (“issha”) to indicate that she was part of him.

Important note: During his series in Genesis, Pastor Jim used the 1984 NIV version as one of the translations he read from. He does not use or endorse the 2011 NIV version due to its unbiblical use of gender-neutral language. See this article for details: .