1 Samuel 20:1-42

26 September 2023

Series: 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 20:1-42
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  1. Stan C Swank

    As I listened to this today, I was surprised to think of the relevance of this lesson to my life. I knew the story of Saul and David extremely well, but did not ever think of it applying to my family situation.

    My wife and I by no means were perfect parents, and I specifically remember doing things that I sincerely regret. But our youngest daughter, a graduated psychology major, was emotionally driven to seek counseling from an individual(s?) that gave her non-biblical advice. NEVER did she make any effort for biblical reconciliation, nor make any effort to sit down and confront us for the UNSPOKEN litany of affronts that she has placed upon her altar of bitterness.

    She has projected this hurt in such a manner as to destroy her relationship with her sister, and accuses her of things that NO ONE in our family understands. This makes many family gatherings untenable.

    She previously forbade her parents and siblings from attending her wedding, but couldn’t understand why her parents didn’t support that event financially like we did for her older sister’s wedding, an event in which the younger was a bridesmaid for her big sister!

    I spent months keeping silent about addressing this, and when I finally addressed my concerns, I was met with an emotional outburst wherein I had ruined whatever was in her mind and she retreated farther into her shell of self-righteousness.

    I have prayed for an intercessor.

    I remain mystified as to how she can face eternity, as a self,-professing believer, praying, “…Father, forgive me, AS I HAVE FORGIVEN my sister….”

    If she cannot forgive others, how does she expect God to forgive her spirit of Saul?


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