13 June 2018
Subject: Prayer

Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer, Part 1: Luke 11:1-4

Speaker: Jim Andrews


  1. Alton Jones

    Thank you for all of your teaching. I have been listening to you for many years and wish your church was closer to my home so that I could attend it regularly on Sundays.
    Are there transcripts of your radio lessons available either by mail or by gmail. Thank you.

    • The Final Word

      Thank you, Alton! We so appreciate you taking the time to encourage us! Unfortunately, we do not have transcripts of our teachings. Pastor Jim teaches from rough notes, not anything that we could share. I can point you to our church website, where you would be able to listen to (or watch via YouTube) our Sunday services. That link is lakebiblechurch.com (look for Sermons link). Pastor Jim also has a website for his written materials (books and free articles he’s written. That link is jimandrewsbooks.com (looks for “books” tab for books and “articles” tab for free articles. I hope these resources are a blessing to you. May our Lord richly bless you.


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