Originally posted on our radio ministry website, www.thefinalwordradio.com//editors-blog/, on September 25, 2023. The reason why we are reposting it now, in April 2024, is to give the reader the appropriate background for understanding Part 13, which will explain the developments since last September.

As we will explain in Part 13, it is hypothetically possible that some of the facts outlined in Part 12 are no longer correct. Even if so, the doctrinal issues would remain the same.


On July 10, 2023, Pastor Jim informed Juli & me (his daughter & son-in-law) about a new ministry project that he was going to undertake. Jim had just signed a contract with Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, to publish his massive commentary on Romans, one of his favorite and most-studied books. In fact, he has taught classes in Bible college and seminary on this pivotal New Testament epistle as well.

However, Jim’s pursuit of this project entailed a theological and moral compromise in three specific areas, each of which should have prevented him from going forward, independently of the other two.

Thus, we are asking our The Final Word (TFW) listeners and donors, and our JimAndrewsBooks (JAB) visitors, to read this article and pray for Pastor Jim that he will repent of this unbiblical, unethical and disobedient behavior. Since any one of the three areas should have prevented Jim from moving forward, we are sharing Reason #2 with you, in order to help you understand the gravity of his sin.

Upon learning of Jim’s decision to partner with Xulon Press, I visited their website to investigate the spiritual character of the company. For more than thirty years now, Pastor Jim has decried the unbiblical, profit-driven Christian publishing industry on the air and in his books. When he has submitted manuscripts in the past to Christian publishers, they were not interested in doctrinally sound content. Instead, they only want to publish anything that would sell, even if that meant rank heresy.

Sadly, it only took a few minutes on the Xulon site to notice a heresy problem, located on the page where they tout the authors whose careers they have helped to launch. Among them was an instantly recognizable name, Pastor Mark Batterson, who was listed as one of the top 10 false teachers in evangelical churches by one of the best discernment websites.

Then, I wrote Pastor Jim back with this information, as well as the other two reasons, and admonishing him to abandon his plans:

“The second reason why this is damaging to everyone concerned is that you have carelessly allowed yourself to partner with an organization that promotes the very false doctrine you preach against

“So for you to go against your own teaching in 2 John 9-11 about needlessly partnering with false teachers (Salem Media Group/Xulon Press) in a publishing venture, when you already have one that is theologically sound (JimAndrewsBooks), is disobedient, and God will judge you for it.

“Just so you know: Your new ministry partner, Xulon, is promoting the witchcraft-endorsing Pastor Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker. You should be proud of that!”

Let me emphasize how important it is for the reader to understand Pastor Jim’s teaching about false teachers from various passages throughout Scripture. Here are just a few:

Ephesians 5:8-13 & 2 Peter 2:1-22:

2 John 5-10, and 11-13:

Matthew 13:24-43:

In addition, I informed Jim about the doctrinal decline of Salem Media Group:

“Salem Media Group has become theologically compromised over the decades just like everything else.

“Certainly, we are partnering with KPDQ (part of SMG), and if there were a better alternative, we would have to change. For example, last fall [2022], they repeatedly sent out emails advertising this online “Worldview” conference for churches/ministries.” (See below [images won’t show], or visit summit.org’s worldview page): 

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This shifting of balance of belief and attitude towards Christians has many unsure of which steps to take next. Summit Ministries has partnered with Family Research Council to create Now We Live: How Your Faith Can Transform a Broken World.

In six short videos, this small group series will lead your group to deep discussions about what it means to live in this world as Christians and how the Truth of the Gospel transforms every facet of our lives.

Leading Christian teachers and thinkers will help you understand God’s good design for the world, our place in it, and what we’ve been called to do as Christ followers.

When you sign up for a FREE account we’ll give you access to Now We Live as well as helpful small group resources to help you disciple others.

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“Jim, when you click on the link above, you find out the “experts” they offer are Universalist (Lee Strobel), NAR (Kirk Cameron), and LGBTQ-affirming, all promoting the same-sex attraction heresy and intimate same-sex touching (Rebecca McLoughlinChristopher YuanSean McDowell, etc).”

So then, dear reader, please pray that Pastor Jim will repent for his unbiblical decision and cancel his contract with Xulon Press. Please email (don’t call) Jim: jima@lakebiblechurch.com, and express your gratitude for his six decades of faithful ministry in the Word of God and tell him how God has blessed you through his ministry. But also, encourage him to make the right decision before God.

Also, please email (don’t call) our radio station, KPDQ: contactus@kpdq.com. and let them know that you do not support the heretical resources they are providing to local ministries, such as the “Now We Live” series mentioned above from last fall.

Finally, listen to Pastor Jim preach from 1 Samuel 12:1-5 about how to restore your lost integrity (toward the end of the sermon), and pray that he follows his own teaching.