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The author of the Gospel of Luke, who also wrote the book of Acts, was probably a Gentile, a physician and frequent companion of Paul on his missionary journeys. Though the date of writing is not certain, internal evidence suggests he penned it sometime before 64 AD—about 3 decades after the death and resurrection of our Lord. Like Acts, Luke was addressed to a Gentile reader named Theophilus to inform him about all that Jesus began to do and teach.

What I love about this gospel especially is how in selecting his materials from the words and works of Jesus, Luke highlights what it really means to be a disciple or follower of Jesus. Faith in Him is not the superficial attachment to Him too often in evidence in contemporary churches. In Luke’s Gospel we learn from Jesus that following Him is a thoroughly radical calling. We see that half-hearted discipleship is a contradiction in terms.

So, if you want to know what it means to follow Jesus, study carefully the Gospel of Luke. If you want to decide whether you are in the game or are just playing a game, study carefully the Gospel of Luke. If you want to know why there is reason to question the authenticity of the majority of what passes for American Christianity these days, study carefully the Gospel of Luke.

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