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Spiritual Gifts in the Church

In these expositions, we will study the proper perspective and practices we should follow regarding the exercise of our spiritual gifts. Pastor Jim will emphasize these truths: 1) Every true believer within the Church is endowed by God with various spiritual gifts in response to their faith in Christ. 2) Despite the fact that we have different functions in the Body, we are all equally valuable to the Father. 3) None of these gifts should promote pride since they did not originate in any inherent value in us. 4) We should be diligent to exercise our gifts for the good of all believers since we are all interconnected and interdependent.

5) We should always exercise our gifts within their biblically circumscribed boundaries. 6) We should celebrate the diversity of gifts while striving to maintain unity. 7) Since all gifts are designated by God, we should never usurp another’s gift out of envy or jealousy. 8) Pastor Jim will explain why speaking in tongues will could never be considered a sign of superiority nor a second work of grace. (See also the Subject: Second Work of Grace.)

Sermons in Spiritual Gifts in the Church