A Daily Bible Teaching Radio Program From Jim Andrews: Pastor, Teacher, and Author


Probably every Bible lover for one reason or another has his or her favorite verse or book. The Apostle Paul’s majestic Epistle to the Romans happens to be mine. If someone told me I could no longer have the whole Bible in my possession, but would be limited to one book and one alone, my choice would be Romans. There is no way I would want to be limited like that, but were it necessary, I would take this epistle over all other books of the Bible because, in my opinion, it sets forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the most logical, most profound and comprehensive fashion of any book in the NT. It is by common consent, I think, the cornerstone of NT theology.

Understand the book of Romans and you will understand the universal need of salvation, God’s one provision for our justification, the Christian worldview and the Christian way of life.

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